A class of matrices to test inversion procedures

  title={A class of matrices to test inversion procedures},
  author={Randall E. Cline},
  journal={Commun. ACM},
The test matrices given by M. L. Pei [Comm. ACM 5, 10 (Oct. 1962), 508] and R. D. Rodman [Comm. ACM 6, 9 (Sept. 1963, 515] are special cases of a general class of matrices with complex elements for which an explicit form of the inverse can be exhibited. This class of matrices is such that eigenvalues and a set of associated eigenvectors can also be obtained. Then not only inverses, but also eigenvalues of the Pei matrix given by W. S. Lasor [Comm. ACM 6, 3 (Mar. 1963), 102] and eigenvectors… CONTINUE READING


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