A clarification of the nuances in the fairness metrics landscape

  title={A clarification of the nuances in the fairness metrics landscape},
  author={Alessandro Castelnovo and Riccardo Crupi and Greta Greco and Daniele Regoli and Ilaria Giuseppina Penco and Andrea Claudio Cosentini},
  journal={Scientific Reports},
In recent years, the problem of addressing fairness in machine learning (ML) and automatic decision making has attracted a lot of attention in the scientific communities dealing with artificial intelligence. A plethora of different definitions of fairness in ML have been proposed, that consider different notions of what is a “fair decision” in situations impacting individuals in the population. The precise differences, implications and “orthogonality” between these notions have not yet been… 


A Survey on Bias and Fairness in Machine Learning
This survey investigated different real-world applications that have shown biases in various ways, and created a taxonomy for fairness definitions that machine learning researchers have defined to avoid the existing bias in AI systems.
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This paper draws on discussions from within the fair machine learning research and from political and legal philosophy to argue that individual and group fairness are not fundamentally in conflict, and outlines accounts of egalitarian fairness which encompass plausible motivations for both group and individual fairness.
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This paper collects the most prominent definitions of fairness for the algorithmic classification problem, explains the rationale behind these definitions, and demonstrates each of them on a single unifying case-study.
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1I ntroduction Let us say that a normative conflict is a situation in which an agent ought to perform an action A, and also ought to perform an action B, but in which it is impossible for the agent
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It is shown how choices and assumptions made—often implicitly—to justify the use of prediction-based decision-making can raise fairness concerns and a notationally consistent catalog of fairness definitions from the literature is presented.
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