A circulating scheme for recording respiratory metabolism

  title={A circulating scheme for recording respiratory metabolism},
  author={Edgar Howard Schuster},
  journal={The Journal of Physiology},
  • E. Schuster
  • Published 12 August 1924
  • Medicine, Biology
  • The Journal of Physiology
THE apparatus was originally designed and made at the suggestion of Dr Lovatt Evans, and in its original form was intended to record the oxygen consumption of an ansesthetised animal breathing naturally. It has been modified for the work of Drs Burn and Dale, who were using the decapitated preparation, by inclusion of the double-action respiration pump, previously described by me (J. Physiol. 56, Proc. Physiol. Soc. p. x. 1922), and in that form is here figured. For use with the anaesthetised… 
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Oxidation and Storage of Glucose under the Action of Insulin
The experiments here described represent an attempt to make a complete experimental balance sheet, representing the fate of the whole of the glucose, by simultaneous measurement of the consumption of oxygen and the accumulation of glycogen in the same preparation.
E. H. J. Schuster (1897-1969)
His career and his personality are attempted, and the nature of his work is illustrated by his publications and by the list of an exhibition of equipment he had made, shown at a meeting of the Physiological Society shortly after his death.