A cinema of apprehension: a third entelechy of the vitalist machine

  title={A cinema of apprehension: a third entelechy of the vitalist machine},
  author={Suzanne Buchan},
The chapter concentrates on puppet and object (stop motion) animation, a technique that receives less investigative attention than cel or drawn planar animation. In “A Cinema of Apprehension: A Third Entelechy of the Vitalist Machine”, I develop four proposals. The first takes into account the materiality of the animated object and develops a typology of the Quay Brothers’ non-anthropomorphic ‘vitalist machines’. It is informed by vitalist principles and Bruno Schulz’s concept of generatio… 

Puppet Animation Films and Gesture Aesthetics

Gestures are meaningful acts of being. All gesture speaks of the formation of posture, and by this posture we can even comprehend the culture that is bound and produced in the action of gesture. This

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Das Gemachte als Bewusst-Gemachtes: Produktive und rezeptive Dimensionen von Materialität und Materialtransparenz im Film

In der medientheoretischen Auseinandersetzung erhielten die Aspekte der Materialität und des Gemachten in den vergangenen Jahren eine zunehmend größere Bedeutung. Der vorliegende Aufsatz versucht,