A cheminformatics review of auxins as herbicides.


Herbicides are an important asset in ensuring food security, especially when faced with an ever-increasing demand on food production to feed the global population. The current selection of herbicides is increasingly encountering resistance in agricultural weeds they once targeted effectively. It is imperative that new compounds or more effective modes of action are discovered in order to overcome this resistance. This cheminformatics review looks at current herbicides and evaluates their physiochemical properties on a class-by-class basis. We focus in particular on the synthetic auxin herbicides, Herbicide Resistance Action Committee class O, analyzing these against herbicides more generally and for class-specific features such as mobility in plant vasculature. We summarise the physiochemical properties of all 24 compounds used commercially as auxins and relate these results to ongoing approaches to novel auxin discovery. We introduce an interactive, open source cheminformatics tool known as DataWarrior for herbicide discovery, complete with records for over 300 herbicidal compounds. We hope this tool helps researchers as part of a rational approach to not only auxin discovery but agrochemical discovery in general.

DOI: 10.1093/jxb/erx258

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@article{Quareshy2017ACR, title={A cheminformatics review of auxins as herbicides.}, author={Mussa Quareshy and Justyna M Prusinska and Jun Li and Richard M Napier}, journal={Journal of experimental botany}, year={2017} }