A characterization of simplicial localization functors and a discussion of DK equivalences

  title={A characterization of simplicial localization functors and a discussion of DK equivalences},
  author={Clark Barwick and Daniel M. Kan},
  journal={Indagationes Mathematicae},

Covariant Model Structures and Simplicial Localization

In this paper we prove that for any simplicial set $B$, there is a Quillen equivalence between the covariant model structure on $\mathbf{S}/B$ and a certain localization of the projective model

Simplicial localisation of homotopy algebras over a prop

  • Sinan Yalin
  • Mathematics
    Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
  • 2014
Abstract We prove that a weak equivalence between two cofibrant (colored) props in chain complexes induces a Dwyer–Kan equivalence between the simplicial localisations of the associated categories of

Partial model categories and their simplicial nerves

In this note we consider partial model categories, by which we mean relative categories that satisfy a weakened version of the model category axioms involving only the weak equivalences. More

Multifunctorial $K$-Theory is an Equivalence of Homotopy Theories

A BSTRACT . We show that each of the three K -theory multifunctors from small permutative categories to G ∗ -categories, G ∗ -simplicial sets, and connective spectra, is an equivalence of homotopy

Dwyer-Kan localization revisited

A version of Dwyer-Kan localization in the context of infinity-categories and simplicial categories is presented. Some results of the classical papers by Dwyer and Kan on simplicial localization are

Extending homotopy theories across adjunctions

Constructions of spectra from symmetric monoidal categories are typically functorial with respect to strict structure-preserving maps, but often the maps of interest are merely lax monoidal. We

Model Categories are Fibrant Relative Categories

A relative category is a category with a chosen class of weak equivalences. Barwick and Kan produced a model structure on the category of all relative categories, which is Quillen equivalent to the


We put a model structure on the category of categories internal to sim- plicial sets. The weak equivalences in this model structure are preserved and reected by the nerve functor to bisimplicial sets

Homotopy theory of monoids and derived localization

We use derived localization of the bar and nerve constructions to provide simple proofs of a number of results in algebraic topology, both known and new. This includes a recent generalization of



Homotopy Limit Functors on Model Categories and Homotopical Categories

Model categories: An overview Model categories and their homotopy categories Quillen functors Homotopical cocompleteness and completeness of model categories Homotopical categories: Summary of part

Model categories and their localizations

Localization of model category structures: Summary of part 1 Local spaces and localization The localization model category for spaces Localization of model categories Existence of left Bousfield

A model category structure on the category of simplicial categories

In this paper we put a cofibrantly generated model category struc- ture on the category of small simplicial categories. The weak equivalences are a simplicial analogue of the notion of equivalence of

n-Relative Categories

We introduce, for every positive integer n, the notion of an n-relative category and show that the category of the small n-relative categories is a model for the homotopy theory of n-fold homotopy