A characterization of first-generation flowable composites.

  title={A characterization of first-generation flowable composites.},
  author={Stephen C. Bayne and Jeffery Y Thompson and Edward J. Swift and Perry J Stamatiades and Miranda Wilkerson},
  journal={Journal of the American Dental Association},
  volume={129 5},
A plethora of new low-viscosity composite resin materials, or flowable composites, have been marketed during the last two years, but little has been published about them. The authors describe research in which they compared the properties--filler, depth or cure, flow, wear, compressive strength, diametral tensile strength, indented biaxial flexure strength and toughness--of flowable and hybrid composites. Mechanical property tests (ISO 4049, ISO/DIS 6872) of eight flowable composites and two… CONTINUE READING

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