A characterization of Sturmian sequences by indistinguishable asymptotic pairs

  title={A characterization of Sturmian sequences by indistinguishable asymptotic pairs},
  author={Sebastiano Barbieri and S{\'e}bastien Labb{\'e} and {\vS}těp{\'a}n Starosta},
  journal={Eur. J. Comb.},

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. Two asymptotic configurations on a full Z d -shift are indistinguishable if for every finite pattern the associated sets of occurrences in each configuration coincide up to a finitely supported

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The Markoff injectivity conjecture states that w 7→ μ(w)12 is injective on the set of Christoffel words where μ : {0, 1}∗ → SL2(Z) is a certain homomorphism and M12 is the entry above the diagonal of



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In this survey, combinatorial properties of these two families are considered and compared and the Arnoux–Rauzy words appear to share many of the properties of Sturmian words.

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Sturmian words have been studied for a very long time (Bernoulli [1], Christoffel [3], Markoff [18], Morse and Hedlund [19], Coven and Hedlund [5], Lunnon and Pleasants [17],…). They are infinite

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This survey paper contains a description of some recent results concerning Sturmian and episturmian words, with particular emphasis on central words. We list fourteen characterizations of central

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Summary0-1-sequences are constructed by successive insertion of a periodic sequence of symbols 0, 1 and “hole” into the “holes” of the sequence already constructed. Assuming that finally all “holes”

Palindromic richness

Sequences with minimal block growth II

  • E. Coven
  • Mathematics
    Mathematical systems theory
  • 2005
The class of sequences with minimal block growth is closed under flow isomorphism and contains all sequences x satisfying P(x, n) = n + 1 for all n _> 1.

A characterization of substitutive sequences using return words

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