A cephalometric analysis of nasal septal growth.

  title={A cephalometric analysis of nasal septal growth.},
  author={J van Loosen and Robert J Baatenburg de jong and Gijsbert A. van Zanten and Thomas Engel and Dhaneshwar Namdeorao Lanjewar and D J van Velzen},
  journal={Clinical otolaryngology and allied sciences},
  volume={22 5},
In a study using lateral cranial radiographs of 454 males and 475 females (age 0-20 years) the anterior nasal spine-nasion (ANS-N) and ANS-posterior nasal spine (ANS-PNS) distance were measured and related to age and gender. The development of both dimensions is best described by negative exponential functions. ANS-PNS distance to the age of 5 and the ANS-N distance to the age of 2, develop linearly without gender difference. After this, deceleration, statistically more significant in females… CONTINUE READING