A center-based program for exercise change among black-American families.

  title={A center-based program for exercise change among black-American families.},
  author={Thomas Baranowski and Bruce G. Simons-Morton and Paul Hooks and Janice Henske and Kathleen Marie Tiernan and John K. Dunn and H E Burkhalter and Jeannie Harper and J M Palmer},
  journal={Health education quarterly},
  volume={17 2},
A center-based program was designed and implemented to promote aerobic physical activity among healthy Black-American families with children in the fifth through seventh grades. Ninety-four Black-American families were actively recruited and randomly assigned to an experimental or control group. Families in the experimental group were encouraged to participate in a program with the following features: one education and two fitness sessions per week for 14 weeks; educational sessions that… CONTINUE READING

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