A case of shaker dog disease in a miniature dachshund.

  title={A case of shaker dog disease in a miniature dachshund.},
  author={Yoshiki Yamaya and Etsuko Iwakami and Masashi Goto and Hiroshi Koie and Toshihiro Watari and Shigeo Tanaka and Akira Takeuchi and Mikihiko Tokuriki},
  journal={The Journal of veterinary medical science},
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A male miniature Dachshund, twenty-two months of age, was referred with paroxysmal generalized tremors as a main clinical sign. There were no abnormalities in the neurological examination except the lack of bilateral menace responses, and in the magnetic resonance imaging of its brain. Analysis of cerebro-spinal fluid revealed a slight rise in protein concentration and an increase in the number of cells. This case with brown hair was diagnosed as the shaker dog disease, which has also been well… 
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White Shaker Disease Syndrome
The cause of the disease is not known and there is little research being done on this condition in any breed, so the terms “shaker dog syndrome”, “white shaker disease” and “little white shaker dog” have been used as synonyms.
Síndrome do tremor responsivo ao corticosteroide em cães Syndrome Tremor Responsive to Corticosteroids in Dogs
It is concluded that the abnormality has good prognosis when dogs responding at the start of immunosuppressive treatment with corticosteroids, and should be considered as a differential diagnosis in dogs with cerebellar signs.
Idiopathic generalised tremor syndrome in two cats
The first cases of IGTS in cats are described, describing the first male neutered domestic shorthair cats evaluated for generalised tremors and treatment as recommended for dogs resulted in improvement.
Síndrome do tremor responsivo a corticosteroide associada ao estro em uma cadela
The animal history of the present case allowed to exclude the main differential diagnoses of tremors caused by medication, intoxication and hypomyelination and the rapid improvement of the clinical signs after treatment with prednisone allowed to establish the diagnosis of the syndrome of the responsive corticosteroid tremor.
Idiopathic generalised tremor syndrome in dogs.
IGTS should be suspected in any dog with generalised tremor and vestibulocerebellar signs with younger and smaller dogs more commonly affected.
Neurologie Canine. Méningo-encéphalites non infectieuses du chien: épidémiologie et signes cliniques.: Dossier. Méningo-encéphalites non infectieuses du chien.
19. Polymerase chain reaction screening for DNA viruses in paraffinembedded brains from dogs with necrotized meningoencephalitis, necrotizing leukoencephalopathy, and granulomatous meningoencesphalitis.
Tremor de cabeça idiopático em cães - relato de dois casos
Foram atendidos, no Hospital Veterinário da UFMS, dois caninos da raça Buldogue Inglês com histórico de tremores episódicos restritos à região de cabeça, o diagnóstico de head bobbing, os primeiros casos diagnosticados e relatados no Brasil.
Biomarcadores en líquido cefalorraquídeo en perros con meningoencefalitis de origen desconocido. Valor pronóstico
Los resultados muestran that el analisis del liquido cefalorraquideo mediante espectroscopia podria emplearse para valorar the evolucion of los pacientes en tratamiento y la necesidad de continuar o no the terapia.
Presence of cerebrospinal fluid antibodies associated with autoimmune encephalitis of humans in dogs with neurologic disease
Defining antigenic targets associated with encephalitis in dogs might allow diagnostic categorization of MUE antemortem and further evaluation of the prevalence and clinical relevance of CSF and serum antibodies to neuronal cell surface antigens is warranted.


Generalized tremors in dogs: 24 cases (1984-1995).
Steroid-responsive tremor syndrome should be considered in small- to medium-breed, young adult dogs, regardless of coat color, and a rapid and complete response to immunosuppressive treatment is expected.
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