A case of mitral stenosis with achalasia.

  title={A case of mitral stenosis with achalasia.},
  author={Kumar Ashutosh and Majumdar Biswakes and Goru Bhawani and Ghoshdasdtidar Dipankar and Aggrawal Binod and Mondal Saroj and Singh Rupesh and Sarkar Achyut},
  journal={Kardiologia polska},
  volume={67 12},
A 65-year-old woman with rheumatic heart disease and severe mitral stenosis developed dysphagia. As her dysphagia could not be directly attributed to an enlarged left atrium, she underwent barium swallow, which established the diagnosis of achalasia. This case report shows two unrelated diseases present in the same patient which individually can cause dysphagia. 

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