A case of idiopathic vulvar calcinosis: the first in Japan.

  title={A case of idiopathic vulvar calcinosis: the first in Japan.},
  author={Yoshitaka Fukaya and Haruyasu Ueda},
  journal={The Journal of dermatology},
  volume={18 11},
Idiopathic calcinosis of the scrotum is a rare condition of unknown etiology. As counterparts of this male disorder, only two female cases have been reported. We report a third case, the first of its kind, in Japan. Histochemical stains revealed acid mucopolysaccharide (acid-MPS) within the calcinosis and many infiltrated mast cells near it; these might histogenese the calcium deposition. Immunohistochemically, polyclonal carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and keratin stains revealed no positive… CONTINUE READING

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