A case of epidermotropic metastatic mammary carcinoma.

  title={A case of epidermotropic metastatic mammary carcinoma.},
  author={Norihisa Kato and Masanobu Kumakiri and Akira Ohkawara},
  journal={The Journal of dermatology},
  volume={16 2},
A special type of metastatic carcinoma to the skin, epidermotropic carcinoma, is thought to be a parasitic occupation of malignant tumors in the epidermis. A patient, a 56-year-old Japanese woman who had had a mastectomy because of mammary carcinoma thirteen months earlier, developed a metastatic skin tumor in the operation wound and another area of mammary skin. Histologically, almost only the epidermis was occupied by multifocal metastatic tumor nests, so the tumor was a type of… CONTINUE READING

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