A case of disjunct montane linyphiid species (Araneae) in the Palaeotropics, with notes on synonymy and the description of a new species

  title={A case of disjunct montane linyphiid species (Araneae) in the Palaeotropics, with notes on synonymy and the description of a new species},
  author={Andrei V. Tanasevitch},
  journal={Revue Suisse De Zoologie},
The genus EnguterothrixDenis, 1962 contains two very closely related species on different continents: E. crinipesDenis, 1962, known from the mountains of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and E. simpulum (Tanasevitch, 2014) comb. nov. (transferred from ApophygoneTanasevitch, 2014), which is widespread in the mountains of northern Thailand. Enguterothrix fuscipalpisDenis, 1962 is removed from the genus and preliminarily placed in MicrargusDahl, 1886. A new species, Oedothorax paralegrandi sp… 

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