A case of colouterine fistula managed laparoscopically.

  title={A case of colouterine fistula managed laparoscopically.},
  author={Vatsla Dadhwal and Bhaswati Ghosh and Vijay Laxmi Jindal and Arvind Vaid and Sandeep Agarwal and Suneeta Mittal},
  journal={Journal of minimally invasive gynecology},
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Fistulas between the uterus and bowel are rarely reported. We report successful laparoscopic management of a colouterine fistula caused by a foreign body in the uterus. Fistulas between the gastrointestinal tract and the female genital tract are usually found between the vagina and rectum as a result of complications of childbirth or iatrogenic trauma… CONTINUE READING