[A case of brain metastasis from hepatocellular carcinoma].


Reported is the case of a patient who underwent surgical resection of a brain metastasis from a hepatocellular carcinoma. The 62-year-old male was admitted to hospital because of headaches and a left hemiparesis. Six years earlier he had undergone transcatheter arterial embolization for a hepatocellular carcinoma. Further, one year ago the lower lobe of his right lung had been resected because of a pulmonary metastasis from the same tumor. A neurological examination on admission revealed disorientation, dressing apraxia, and a left hemiparesis. A CT scan revealed two highly dense masses with peripheral low dense areas in the right temporoparietal region, which were heterogenously enhanced with a contrast medium. Right carotid angiogram showed tumor stains in the same region. Also, a magnetic resonance T1 weighted image showed highly intense masses, and a T2 weighted image showed low intensity masses with prominent brain edema. Thus, a right fronto-temporo-parietal craniotomy was performed, and the two masses were removed. Histological examination revealed hepatocellular carcinoma. The postoperative course was uneventful, and the left hemiparesis improved gradually, enabling the patient to walk without assistance. A brain metastasis from a hepatocellular carcinoma has been rarely reported in the literature since the survival period is very short due to rapid disease progression at the primary site, so that most reports have been based on postmortem examination. The MRI, CT, and the angiographic findings are included in this report.


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