[A case of Turner syndrome complicated with brain infarction].


A 21 year-old female college student with a history of Turner syndrome at age 9, and 6-year growth hormone replacement therapy noticed weakness of right extremities when she got up on March 26, 2001. On admission, she showed right hemiparesis (4+/5) and hypesthesia on the right of body. The hemiparesis progressed (3-/5) in spite of antithrombotic therapy… (More)


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@article{Terasaki2002ACO, title={[A case of Turner syndrome complicated with brain infarction].}, author={Tadashi Terasaki and Yoichiro Hashimoto and Fumio Miyashita and Yanosuke Kozaki and Masaki Naganuma and Makoto Uchino and Hiroyo Mabe}, journal={Rinsho shinkeigaku = Clinical neurology}, year={2002}, volume={42 2}, pages={145-8} }