A case-control study of menopausal estrogen therapy and breast cancer.

  title={A case-control study of menopausal estrogen therapy and breast cancer.},
  author={R K Ronald K Ross and Annlia Paganini-Hill and V. R. Gerkins and Thomas M. Mack and Rephael Pfeffer and Margaret Arthur and Brian E. Henderson},
  volume={243 16},
The association between estrogen replacement therapy and female breast cancer was studied in two Los Angeles area retirement communities. The 138 study cases of breast cancer occurring in residents younger than 75 years were compared with age- and race-matched community control subjects. The risk ratio for a total cumulative dose in excess of 1,500 mg was estimated to be 2.5 in women with intact ovaries. This increase was present using various independent sources of drug usage information but… CONTINUE READING
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