A case-control study of diet and lung cancer in northeast China.

  title={A case-control study of diet and lung cancer in northeast China.},
  author={Jinfu Hu and Kenneth C. Johnson and Yang Mao and Tian-liang Xu and Qing Lin and Congyi Wang and Fang Hui Zhao and Guoqing Wang and Yue Chen and Y Yang},
  journal={International journal of cancer},
  volume={71 6},
A case-control study involving interviews with 227 lung-cancer cases and 227 matched hospital controls was conducted in Heilongjiang Province in northeast China to examine the influence of dietary factors on the risk of developing lung cancer. Lung-cancer cases were all incident cases judged to be suitable candidates for tumor removal by surgery. Controls were selected among hospitalized patients with non-neoplastic and non-lung disease. The overall male lung-cancer risks associated with… CONTINUE READING
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