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A caring society : the New Deal, the worker, and the Great Depression : a history of the American worker, 1933-1941

  title={A caring society : the New Deal, the worker, and the Great Depression : a history of the American worker, 1933-1941},
  author={Irving C. Bernstein},
Strategic and Political Challenges to Large-Scale Federal Job Creation
This article identifies and explores means of meeting political and strategic challenges to the enactment of a federal job creation program sufficiently large and well-targeted to cope with mass
Statistical demand-pull in 1930’s U.S.A and Germany: Good will, welfare and warfare
Abstract In 1994 Jan van den Ende observed, “During the 1930s more and more statistics were being carried out on punched-card machines. An important reason was the increasing complexity of the
Historical Amnesia: The Humphrey-Hawkins Act, Full Employment and Employment as a Right*
Economist William A. Darity has proposed a federal job guarantee with decent wages for all job seekers, an idea with deep, but largely forgotten, roots in US history.The article briefly explores some
Erased History
This article argues that the “other” reform movement associated with the settlement women that Camilla Stivers identified in Bureau Men/Settlement Women did not disappear with the Progressive era. In
What to Make of Unprofitable Corporate Social Responsibility
Decades of empirical tests have yet to confirm that corporate social responsibility is and has been a financially responsible business strategy. This paper addresses why firms may choose to adopt a
The New Deal's Theory of Practice
This article explores the New Deal's theory of political practice and how it managed to institutionalize a progressive agenda in a country structurally and often ideologically resistant to change. In
This article examines the concept and the discontinuous historical usage of the term ‘economic rights’ in American political discourse from the perspective of democratic political freedom. It views
Contest, social valuation and change in American labor-union organizing, 1961-2004
In this thesis I explore the connections between changes to the formal procedures by which American labor unions enroll new members and the subsequent meanings and purposes that potential members and