A canine case of skull base meningioma treated with hydroxyurea.


An 11-year-old female miniature schnauzer was tentatively diagnosed with the skull base meningioma, based on several examinations. Because surgical treatment was difficult, and outpatient radiation therapy was not available in the local area, chemotherapy with hydroxyurea combined with dexamethasone was selected. The patient's clinical symptoms improved after one week of treatment, and the tumor size was obviously reduced on MRI performed 37 days after treatment began. The patient received hydroxyurea for 7 months, with symptoms remaining stable, and the tumor re-increased to almost the same size at 7 months as that at the initial examination. At that time, hydroxyurea was discontinued. The patient died from pulmonary edema 14 months after treatment began. Pathologically, the tumor was diagnosed as a meningioma.

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