A calendar age estimate of the Younger Dryas-Holocene boundary at Kråkenes, western Norway

  title={A calendar age estimate of the Younger Dryas-Holocene boundary at Kr{\aa}kenes, western Norway},
  author={S. Gulliksen and H. H. Birks and G. Possnert and J. Mangerud},
  journal={The Holocene},
  pages={249 - 259}
  • S. Gulliksen, H. H. Birks, +1 author J. Mangerud
  • Published 1998
  • Geology
  • The Holocene
  • The Younger Dryas/Holocene transition (YD/H) in the sediments of Kråkenes Lake, western Nor way, is well marked both lithologically and palaeobiologically at 756.5 cm in the investigated core. A series of 70 AMS radiocarbon dates on terrestrial plant macrofossils and the NaOH-soluble fraction of lake sediment was measured between 585 and 840 cm, covering the time span c. 10 440 to 7915 BP on the radiocarbon timescale. Forty-three of these dates above 760 cm were wiggle-matched against the… CONTINUE READING
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