A calculus for flows in periodic domains

  title={A calculus for flows in periodic domains},
  author={Peter J. Baddoo and Lorna J. Ayton},
  journal={Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics},
  pages={145 - 168}
  • P. BaddooL. Ayton
  • Published 3 January 2020
  • Mathematics
  • Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics
Purpose: We present a constructive procedure for the calculation of 2-D potential flows in periodic domains with multiple boundaries per period window. Methods: The solution requires two steps: (i) a conformal mapping from a canonical circular domain to the physical target domain, and (ii) the construction of the complex potential inside the circular domain. All singly periodic domains may be classified into three distinct types: unbounded in two directions, unbounded in one direction, and… 

The AAAtrig algorithm for rational approximation of periodic functions

  • P. Baddoo
  • Computer Science
    SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing
  • 2021
An extension of the AAA (adaptive Antoulas--Anderson) algorithm for periodic functions, called 'AAAtrig', which inherits all the favourable characteristics of AAA and is thus extremely flexible and robust, being able to consider quite general sets of sample points in the complex plane.

Potential Flow Through Cascades with Multiple Aerofoils per Period

This chapter derives solutions for the potential flow through cascades where (a) the blades are of arbitrary geometry, (b) there are an arbitrary number of blades per period window, and (c) the flow may involve point vortices and moving blades.

Lightning Solvers for Potential Flows

A new class of techniques, known as “lightning solvers”, which exploit rational function approximation theory in order to achieve excellent convergence rates are presented, particularly suitable for flows in domains with corners where traditional numerical methods fail.



Periodic Schwarz–Christoffel mappings with multiple boundaries per period

We present an extension to the theory of Schwarz–Christoffel (S–C) mappings by permitting the target domain to be a single period window of a periodic configuration having multiple polygonal

Analytical formulae for source and sink flows in multiply connected domains

Analytical expressions for the complex potentials associated with irrotational incompressible flows due to a finite collection of point sources and sinks in a circular fluid region, of arbitrary

Analytical formulae for the Kirchhoff–Routh path function in multiply connected domains

Explicit formulae for the Kirchhoff–Routh path functions (or Hamiltonians) governing the motion of N-point vortices in multiply connected domains are derived when all circulations around the holes in

Stability analysis for n -periodic arrays of fluid systems

A computational framework is proposed for the linear modal and nonmodal analysis of fluid systems consisting of a periodic array of n identical units using roots-of-unity techniques, which reduce the computational effort to only one unit while still accounting for the coupling to linked components.

Analytical solutions for von Kármán streets of hollow vortices

New analytical solutions are presented for steadily translating von Karman vortex streets made up of two infinite rows of hollow vortices. First, the solution for a single row of hollow vortices due

Explicit solution for the potential flow due to an assembly of stirrers in an inviscid fluid

The motion of an irrotational incompressible fluid driven by an assembly of stirrers, of arbitrary shape, moving at specified velocities in the fluid is considered. The problem is shown to be