A business model analysis of telecardiology service.

  title={A business model analysis of telecardiology service.},
  author={Shu-Hsia Lin and Jorn-Hon Liu and Jen Wei and Wei-Hsian Yin and Hung-Hsin Chen and Wen-Ta Chiu},
  journal={Telemedicine journal and e-health : the official journal of the American Telemedicine Association},
  volume={16 10},
Telecare has become an increasingly common medical service in recent years. However, new service must be close to the market and be market-driven to have a high likelihood of success. This article analyzes the business model of a telecardiology service managed by a general hospital. The methodology of the article is as follows: (1) initially it describes the elements of the service based on the ontology of the business model, (2) then it transfers these elements into the choices for business… CONTINUE READING