A broad overview of interactive digital marketing: A bibliometric network analysis

  title={A broad overview of interactive digital marketing: A bibliometric network analysis},
  author={Anjala S. Krishen and Yogesh Kumar Dwivedi and N. Bindu and K. Satheesh Kumar},
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Trends in Digital Marketing in the Context of the Development of Information Society

: This article examines the trends of digital marketing in the context of information society development. Under the influence of informatization of society, the spread of innovative development of

A Bibliometric Analysis of Digital Marketing Studies

  • E. YilmazH. Mutlu
  • Business
    International Scientific Conference EMAN – Economics and Management: How to Cope with Disrupted Times
  • 2022
Studies on digital marketing have a wide place in both national and international literature. The rapid growth in e-commerce transactions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the

HighTech and Innovation The Impact of Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing on Consumer Buying Behavior

Objectives: This research aims to measure the impact of digital marketing vs. traditional marketing on consumer behavior by analyzing their motives and reasons related to the orientation and purchase

Performance analysis of social media platforms: evidence of digital marketing

Previous studies in the literature have shown that Digital Marketing (DM) can be a factor influencing competitiveness and the performance of marketing actions so that a company can correctly reach

Digital Marketing Effects of Clubhouse on Crowdfunding in the Context of COVID-19

In the marketing mix, promotion is mentioned as using the communication channels available to present and market the product or service at hand. In recent years, social media has risen as an

Tracing the evolution of digitalisation research in business and management fields: Bibliometric analysis, topic modelling and deep learning trend forecasting

Research on digitalisation trends and digital topics has become one of the most prolific streams of research within the fields of business and management during the course of the past few years. The


  • Business
  • 2022
The concerned with the global data-driven disruption in marketing, this qualitative study explores the difficulties and hurdles that, if resolved, could unleash the promise of marketing analytics.

Digital marketing capability: the mystery of business capabilities

PurposeThis study aims to advance the understanding of digital marketing capability by conducting a comprehensive, systematic review of relevant literature at the firm

Digital Marketing Development Model through Digital Literacy Mediation to Improve SME's Performance

The objective of this research is to undertake the digital literacy competence among the SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) actors and to answer the previous research evidence that digital literacy

The effect of digital marketing on the management of relationships with university students in times of Covid-19

The present study's main objective was to analyze and determine the impact of digital marketing on the management of relationships with university students in times of Covid-19. The study was



A Thematic Exploration of Digital, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing: Research Evolution from 2000 to 2015 and an Agenda for Future Inquiry

Over the past 15 years, digital media platforms have revolutionized marketing, offering new ways to reach, inform, engage, sell to, learn about, and provide service to customers. As a means of taking

Marketing via social media: a case study

A study about a successful, award-winning online video marketing project at an academic library in China is presented, hoping to shed light on how to most effectively employ social media in libraries' marketing campaigns.

A Comparative Study on Marketing Mix Models for Digital Products

The intention of this paper is to provided a reference for enterprises in selecting marketing mix model according to product’s categories and to provide a marketing strategy tool kit.

Digital marketing for B2B organizations: structured literature review and future research directions

This study aims to analyze the available literature on the use of digital marketing in a business-to-business (B2B) context. It identifies gaps in the current research knowledge and proposes a

Advances in Social Media Research: Past, Present and Future

The integrated view of the extant literature that the study presents can help avoid duplication by future researchers, whilst offering fruitful lines of enquiry to help shape research for this emerging field of social media research.