A brief introduction to RenderMan

  title={A brief introduction to RenderMan},
  author={Saty Raghavachary},
  journal={ACM SIGGRAPH 2006 Courses},
Pixar's RenderMan software has its origins in the University of Utah during the 1970s, where Pixar founder Ed Catmull did his PhD work on rendering problems. From there, the scene shifted to George Lucas' Lucasfilm in California, where Catmull and few other graphics researchers were brought in to work on graphics software specifically for use in motion pictures (a part of Lucasfilm later became Pixar).The researchers had the explicit goal of being able to create complex, high quality… 
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Books • The RenderMan Companion -this was the first-ever RenderMan book. The first half deals with the C API for generating RIB, while the second half discusses shader-writing
  • 2006
-News and info. about RenderMan, and a rich collection of links to other people's pages and sites
@BULLET http://www.highend3d.com/renderman -another place for downloading shaders and posting questions
  • @BULLET http://www.highend3d.com/renderman -another place for downloading shaders and posting questions
Ci += (1-Oi)*rampcol
Fast -an introductory book dealing with the C language API, shading language and RIB
Gritz's 'RenderMan for Poets' -a small document (19 pages) which lists and explains the basic procedural API and corresponding RIB calls
Ka", &Ka
Newsgroup -comp.graphics.rendering.renderman -a place to post questions and to read the c.g.r.r FAQ maintained by Larry Gritz
Notes • SIGGRAPH course notes -ever since RenderMan's inception there have been courses held at SIGGRAPH on various aspects of RenderMan, including shader-writing, global illumination