A brief history of Hawking's information paradox

  title={A brief history of Hawking's information paradox},
  author={Xavier Calmet and Stephen D. H. Hsu},
  journal={Europhysics Letters},
In this invited review, we describe Hawking's information paradox and a recently proposed resolution of it. Explicit calculations demonstrate the existence of quantum hair on black holes, meaning that the quantum state of the external graviton field depends on the internal state of the black hole. Simple quantum mechanics then implies that Hawking radiation amplitudes depend on the internal state, resulting in a pure final radiation state that preserves unitarity and, importantly, violates a… 
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Black hole (BH) evaporation is caused by creation of entangled particle-antiparticle pairs near the event horizon, with one carrying positive energy to infinity and the other carrying negative energy



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The black-hole information paradox provides a stringent test of would-be theories of quantum gravity. String theory has made significant progress toward a resolution of this paradox, and has led to

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