A brief contraction has complex effects on summation of twitch pairs in human adductor pollicis

  title={A brief contraction has complex effects on summation of twitch pairs in human adductor pollicis},
  author={Ian C. Smith and Helen Adam and Walter Herzog},
  journal={Experimental Physiology},
  pages={676 - 689}
What is the central question of this study? How do contraction‐induced reductions in twitch duration, without changes in twitch force, affect summation of twitch pairs into higher force contractions in skeletal muscle? What is the main finding and its importance? Abbreviating twitch duration with a brief contraction resulted in enhanced summation of fully fused twitch pairs, but impaired summation in partially fused twitch pairs even after accounting for the differences in relaxation of the… 
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Contractile history affects sag and boost properties of unfused tetanic contractions in human quadriceps muscles

Boost and sag are sensitive to contractile history in whole human quadriceps and may have application in strength and power sports.



Nonlinear summation of contractions in striated muscle. I. Twitch potentiation in human muscle

Combined prolongation and intensification of intracellular processes, associated with muscle excitation-contraction coupling in a twitch, could account for the potentiation observed in nonlinear summation of contractions.

Muscle Fatigue Affects the Interpolated Twitch Technique When Assessed Using Electrically-Induced Contractions in Human and Rat Muscles

It is demonstrated that muscle fatigue can confound the quantification of central fatigue using the ITT, and results similar to those in the human muscle were obtained when relaxation was slowed by cooling the rat soleus muscles.

Modeling of summation of individual twitches into unfused tetanus for various types of rat motor units.

Nonlinear summation of contractions in cat muscles. II. Later facilitation and stiffness changes

The drug Dantrolene, which specifically reduces Ca++ release from the sarcoplasmic reticulum, eliminates the delayed peak in facilitation with three stimuli.

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Contraction-induced enhancement of relaxation during high force contractions of mouse lumbrical muscle at 37°C

The fast and slow phases of relaxation from high force isometric contractions can be enhanced following electrically evoked contraction of intact mouse lumbrical muscle at physiological temperatures.

The sag response in human muscle contraction

Sag is an intrinsic feature of healthy human adductor pollicis muscle and is related to IPI-dependent changes in twitch duration and twitch force, and the timing of peak twitch force relative to the peak force of the associated unfused tetanus.

Nonlinear summation of contractions in cat muscles. I. Early depression

Nerves to fast- and slow-twitch cat muscles were stimulated with various numbers of supramaximal pulses under isometric conditions and the contribution of the j th pulse could be compared with the response to one pulse (twitch response).

Mechanisms of enhanced force production in lengthening (eccentric) muscle contractions.

  • W. Herzog
  • Biology
    Journal of applied physiology
  • 2014
The proposed mechanism for residual force enhancement explains all basic findings in this area of research and is based on the engagement of the structural protein titin upon muscle activation and an increase in titin's resistance to active compared with passive stretching.