A book for burning?

  title={A book for burning?},
  • Published 1981
  • Nature
Patterns of citations for the growth of knowledge: a Foucauldian perspective
This study develops a typology of qualitative citation patterns for the growth of knowledge that can be used by researchers to gain a deeper semantic understanding of citations. Expand
Facing biology's open questions
  • A. Gomez-Marin
  • Medicine
  • BioEssays : news and reviews in molecular, cellular and developmental biology
  • 2021
Rupert Sheldrake's case illustrates the conceptual resistance of the scientific enterprise to revise its own deepest theoretical commitments and why young researchers need to be presented with the major questions in their field and encouraged to entertain radically alternative points of view. Expand
The Labour Party, Feminism and Maureen Colquhoun's Scandals in 1970s Britain
ABSTRACT Maureen Colquhoun (1928-) was the Tribunite Labour MP for Northampton North during the turbulent period of Labour government between 1974 and 1979. An avowed feminist, she praised theExpand
Artistic Notion of Mimicry, a Case Study: Does Triatoma maculata (Hemiptera: Reduviidae: Triatominae) Plagiarize Bees, Tigers or Traffic Signals?
What we observe, through our usually limited lens, is that differential growing of space determines forms -characterized by their shape, size and coloration. As non-Euclidean geometrical mathematicsExpand
Trans-demonic intuition
Intuition is not treated by ethology, which excludes it from non-human animals, however, psychologists, neurologists and philosophers recognize that intuition, from the Latin intueri ‘to lookExpand
Relational psychoanalysis and anomalous communication
There has been consistent interest in telepathy within psychoanalysis from its start. Relational psychoanalysis, which is a relatively new development in psychoanalytic theory and practice, seemsExpand
The Emperor’s New Genes
Manifold advances in genetics in the past 60 years have brought us no nearer to understanding what makes us homo sapiens. We have been blind to the causation of organic form, until recently trustingExpand
Good Healthkeeping Makes Sense: But Is Anyone Interested?
  • J. Oschman
  • Medicine
  • Journal of alternative and complementary medicine
  • 2015
This editorial summary of Dr. Mansfield’s practice was gleaned from the Good Healthkeeping web page cited at the end of the article and from an independent article about his approach. Expand
From ‘critical events’ to consciousness – An autobiographical journey
What Does Energy Have to Do with Energy Psychology
An obstacle to professional acceptance of the growing body of research supporting the effi cacy of energy psychology is the vague use of the term energy in the fi eld’s name and explanatoryExpand