A bond-fluctuation mechanism for stochastic switching in wired molecules.

  title={A bond-fluctuation mechanism for stochastic switching in wired molecules.},
  author={Ganesh K. Ramachandran and Theresa J Hopson and Adam M. Rawlett and Larry Nagahara and A. A. Primak and Stuart M. Lindsay},
  volume={300 5624},
Stochastic on-off conductivity switching observed in phenylene-ethynylene oligomers has been explained in terms of changes in ring conformations, or electron localization, or both. We report the observation of stochastic on-off switching in the simplest of wired molecules: octanedithiol, decanedithiol, and dodecanedithiol bonded on an Au(111) surface. Stochastic switching was observed even when a top gold contact was pressed on by a conducting atomic force microscope tip at constant force. The… CONTINUE READING

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