A body of terror: Denial of death and the creaturely body

  title={A body of terror: Denial of death and the creaturely body},
  author={Jamie L Goldenberg},
Treating Objects like Women: The Impact of Terror Management and Objectification on the Perception of Women’s Faces
There is a modern trend whereby women’s beauty and attractiveness tends towards the artificial, which appears to be an extreme manifestation of objectification culture. Research suggests that sexualExpand
Dwelling forever in the house of the lord: on the terror management function of religion
Abstract A critical function of religion is to manage the potential for terror inherent in living knowing the only certainty in one’s life is the knowledge that it will inevitably end. We firstExpand
In his own image: an existential evolutionary perspective on the origins and function of religion
Abstract An integration of existential and evolutionary perspectives on religion suggests that humankind used their evolved cognitive capacities to intelligently design gods in their own image, toExpand
The COVID-19 pandemic, authoritarianism, and rejection of sexual dissenters in Poland.
In Poland, both, gender hierarchy restricting women's sexuality and heteronormativity are rooted in traditional "family values" supported by the teachings of the Polish Catholic Church and attachedExpand
Chapter 9 Mortality Salience, Terror Management, and Hollywood Film: Theorizing on the Absence of Anorexia as a Subject in US Mainstream Movies
Abstract Films focusing on girls and women with anorexia have not found major producers and distributors in Hollywood, yet movies on subjects such as suicidality and bipolar disorder have beenExpand
Courage and representations of death in patients who are waiting for a liver transplantation
Abstract Context: In the last decade, a wide literature has highlighted the importance of religiosity as support of severe illnesses, especially the oncological ones, and in the end of life. In theExpand


The Cultural Animal
Creatureliness priming reduces aggression and support for war.
It is suggested that portraying violence as creaturely may reduce the intensity of aggressive actions and support for violent solutions to international conflicts. Expand
Life Against Death: The Psychoanalytical Meaning of History
This books gives credibility to Freudian Analysis. Nor that it was ever lost, but there are neo-Freudians which of course differ from Freud and there is the reductionism when one looks only throughExpand
Are sexualized women complete human beings? Why men and women dehumanize sexually objectified women
Focusing on the dehumanization of sexually objectified targets, study 1 tested the extent to which objectified and non-objectified male and female publicity photos were associated with human comparedExpand
From women to objects: Appearance focus, target gender, and perceptions of warmth, morality and competence
Most literally, objectification refers to perceiving a person as an object, and consequently, less than fully human. Research on perceptions of humanness and the stereotype content model suggestsExpand
Are sexualized females complete human beings? Why males and females dehumanize sexually objectified women
  • 2010
The Birthmark: An Existential Account of Why Women are Objectified
Objectifying Sarah Palin: Evidence
  • 2009
Objectifying Sarah Palin: Evidence that objectification causes women to be perceived as less competent and less fully human
Abstract Although a great deal of research has examined the effects of objectification on women’s self-perceptions and behavior, empirical research has yet to address how objectifying a woman affectsExpand
The implications of death for health: a terror management health model for behavioral health promotion.
The model integrates disparate health and social psychology literatures to elucidate how the conscious and nonconscious awareness of death can influence the motivational orientation that is most operative in the context of health decisions. Expand