A blueprint for country-driven development

  title={A blueprint for country-driven development},
  author={Rosann Wisman and Jonathan Heller and Peggy Clark},
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The Obama administration in the USA, the Cameron government in the UK, and other donors talk almost daily about developing countries owning and directing their health programmes. But are donors ready to do so? And what would that look like? In most cases, donors control exactly how their money will be spent. The donor defi nes the priorities. We have some ideas to change the dynamic, from the basis of our experience in working closely with ministries of health in six countries. At the Global… 
Sub-Saharan Africa and the health MDGs: the need to move beyond the “quick impact” model
It is argued that fast-track interventions promoted by donors and Global Health Initiatives need to be complemented by mid- and long-term strategies, cutting across specific health problems, in support of the MDGs.
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To what extent did the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) succeed in becoming a reference point for public debates, academic inquiry, and policy‐focused research? We explore this by considering
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The Background, Social Support and Behavioural Characteristics Associated with Health Insurance Coverage among the Older Population in Kisii County, Kenya
Introduction: Universal health coverage has increasingly become the focus for improved health systems worldwide. In Kenya, the older populations are characterized by low health insurance coverage,


Achieving the health MDGs: country ownership in four steps
This article outlines the four key steps in making country ownership a reality in achieving the health Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as: planning resourcing the plan implementation and monitoring and evaluation.
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John Donnelly takes an in-depth look at how the war-torn nation of Sierra Leone managed to start free health care for pregnant women, new mothers, and young children in 2010.