A blistering response: concurrent psoriasis and pemphigus foliaceus.

  title={A blistering response: concurrent psoriasis and pemphigus foliaceus.},
  author={D J B Kurtzman and Michael Donald Christopher and Fangru Lian and James E. Sligh},
  journal={The American journal of medicine},
  volume={128 1},
PRESENTATION A 62-year-old woman’s dermatologic difficulties were compounded when light treatment for psoriasis spurred pemphigus foliaceus; an occurrence very rarely noted in the medical literature. She presented with an erythematous, crusted eruption involving her entire head and neck and most of her trunk. The lesions developed several months after consecutive exposures to narrowband ultraviolet B (UVB) phototherapy for chronic plaque psoriasis (Figure 1). 
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