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A biosystematic study of Eriophyllum congdonii and E. nubigenum (Compositae, Helenidae)

  title={A biosystematic study of Eriophyllum congdonii and E. nubigenum (Compositae, Helenidae)},
  author={J. S. Mooring},
Eriophyllum congdonii and E. nubigenum, rare taxa, have also been treated as E. nubigenum and E. nubigenum var. congdonii. Study of F„ F2, and F3 plants shows that experimentally the taxa are interfertile but the morphological differences that separate them in nature are maintained in the greenhouse. They should be treated as species. Eriophyllum nubigenum Greene and E. congdonii Brandegee are annuals known from about 10 sites in a 900 km2 area of Mariposa Co., California (Fig. 1). The… Expand
Experimental hybridizations of Eriophyllum annuals (Asteraceae, Helenieae).
Seven of the eight annual species of Eriophyllum, a western North American genus, were studied in greenhouse and garden and proved to be self-compatible; E. congdonii and E. nubigenum proved to been self- compatible; E.'s other homoploid combinations were self-incompatible. Expand