A biology journal that can teach physicists a lesson in peer review

  title={A biology journal that can teach physicists a lesson in peer review},
  author={Raymond E. Goldstein},
After weeks of waiting, the email finally arrives from Physical Review Z with the reports on your paper “A theory of the nonuniform browning of toast”. Hope turns to despair as you read the editor’s cover letter saying that because the reviews contain a sufficiently strong criticism of your paper it cannot be accepted. Then you read the reports and discover that Referee A said “This is a wonderful paper, full of interesting new results that will surely be of interest to a wide audience. I am… 
Consultative review is worth the wait
eLife editors and reviewers consult with one another before sending out a decision after peer review. This means that authors do not have to spend time responding to confusing or conflicting requests
Can we improve the peer review system


Flagellar synchronization through direct hydrodynamic interactions
This study proves unequivocally that flagella coupled solely through a fluid can achieve robust synchrony despite differences in their intrinsic properties.
Rheotaxis facilitates upstream navigation of mammalian sperm cells
The first quantitative study of mammalian sperm rheotaxis is reported, using microfluidic devices to investigate systematically swimming of human and bull sperm over a range of physiologically relevant shear rates and viscosities and shows that the interplay of fluid shear, steric surface-interactions, and chirality of the flagellar beat leads to stable upstream spiralling motion of sperm cells.