A biokinetic model for 137Cs.

  title={A biokinetic model for 137Cs.},
  author={Dunstana R. Melo and Joyce L. Lipsztein and Carla A. Oliveira and D. L. Lundgren and Bruce A. Muggenburg and Raymond A. Guilmette},
  journal={Health physics},
  volume={73 2},
An improved biokinetic model for 137Cs in humans was developed based on an analysis of data obtained from individuals internally contaminated during an accident in Goiania, Brazil, and other data. Seventeen children (ten girls and seven boys 1-10 y old), ten adolescents (four females and six males), and thirty adults, (fifteen females and fifteen males contaminated in the accident in Goiânia contributed to this study. 137Cs retention was determined through periodic measurements in a whole-body… CONTINUE READING