A bioassay to estimate root penetration by nematodes.

  title={A bioassay to estimate root penetration by nematodes.},
  author={David T. Kaplan and Eric L. Davis},
  journal={Journal of nematology},
  volume={23 4},
An in vitro bioassay with a 96-well microtiter plate was used to study the effect of lectins on burrowing nematode penetration of citrus roots. In each well, one 4-mm root segment, excised from the zone of elongation of rough lemon roots, was buried in 0.88 g dry sand. Addition of a Radopholus citrophilus suspension containing ca. 300 nematodes in 50 mu1 test solution completely moistened the sand in each well. The technique assured uniform treatment concentration throughout the medium. Within… CONTINUE READING