A bioactive fullerene peptide.

  title={A bioactive fullerene peptide.},
  author={C. Toniolo and Armandodoriano Bianco and Michele Maggini and Gianfranco Scorrano and Maurizio Prato and Mauro Marastoni and Roberto Tomatis and Susanna Spisani and Giorgio Pal{\`u} and Edward D. Blair},
  journal={Journal of medicinal chemistry},
  volume={37 26},
The highly hydrophobic C60 (buckminsterfullerene) was water solubilized by covalently linking the synthon 1,2-dihydro-1,2-methanofullerene [60]-61-carboxylic acid to the alpha-amino group of the hydrophilic 4-8 sequence of peptide T, known to display potent human monocyte chemotaxis. The resulting compound, characterized by a variety of analytical techniques, including a UV spectrum in aqueous solution, exhibits remarkable chemotactic potency, comparable to that of the parent pentapeptide… CONTINUE READING

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