A binarization technique using local edge information

  title={A binarization technique using local edge information},
  author={Sanparith Marukatat and Sarin Watcharabutsarakham and Wasin Sinthupinyo},
  journal={ECTI-CON2010: The 2010 ECTI International Confernce on Electrical Engineering/Electronics, Computer, Telecommunications and Information Technology},
Binarization is usually the first step in document analysis and recognition. This paper propose a new binarization technique base on local thresholding using information from edge pixel. Indeed, an edge represent a rupture between foreground and background elements. It is then reasonable establishing a local threshold on each edge pixel. An average of this edge-based local threshold is used to classify each pixel as either foreground or background. This averaging process can be done rapidly… CONTINUE READING