A bibliometric review on innovation systems and ecosystems: a research agenda

  title={A bibliometric review on innovation systems and ecosystems: a research agenda},
  author={Arho Suominen and Marko Sepp{\"a}nen and Ozgur Dedehayir},
  journal={European Journal of Innovation Management},
Purpose The ecosystem perspective on innovation and business has emerged as the secret sauce of innovative organizations. While its theoretical foundations are premised on innovation system literature, the broad adoption of the ecosystem concept has resulted in conceptual ambiguity. The purpose of this paper is to tackle the ambiguous use of innovation ecosystem terminology and structure a conceptual frame for the field, identifying definitions of an innovation ecosystem and how the concept… 

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There were more researchers who did investigation about service innovation in the category of Business and Economics, Engineering, Public Administration, Operations Research and Management Science, and Computer Science than those in other categories.

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