A bibliometric analysis of the literature of chemoinformatics

  title={A bibliometric analysis of the literature of chemoinformatics},
  author={P. Willett},
  journal={Aslib Proc.},
  • P. Willett
  • Published 2008
  • Computer Science
  • Aslib Proc.
Purpose – The purpose of this article is to analyse the literature of chemoinformatics, a subject that has arisen over the last few years and that draws on techniques from a range of disciplines, most notably chemistry (particularly computational and medicinal chemistry), computer science and information science.Design/methodology/approach – Discusses subject, author and citation searches of (principally) the web of knowledge database.Findings – The Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling… Expand
The Literature of Chemoinformatics: 1978–2018
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  • Engineering, Medicine
  • International journal of molecular sciences
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This article presents a study of the literature of chemoinformatics, updating and building upon an analogous bibliometric investigation that was published in 2008, by means of topic searches of the Web of Science Core Collection. Expand
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A meta-informatics approach to the Rational Design of siRNA Libraries and the Interweaving of Cheminformatics and HTS, and Application of Support Vector Machine-Based Ranking Strategies to Search for Target-Selective Compounds. Expand
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This review provides a general overview of basic methods in the specific fields of chemoinformatics, from encoding chemical compounds, storing and searching data in databases, to generating and analyzing these data. Expand
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Recent advances in chemoinformatics include new molecular descriptors and pharmacophore techniques, statistical tools and their applications, and the advent of a chemically aware web language and cross-platform working is ensuring that chemoin formatics methods are becoming available to all chemists in a more appropriate manner. Expand
Identification of Biological Activity Profiles Using Substructural Analysis and Genetic Algorithms
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