A best practice of Java-based applications migration with variety of software solutions


Business operation systems in the design period, not only consider the development of related technologies, but also the selection of different kinds of software platform solutions, such as application server and relational database are particularly important. In addition to the platform operability, cost considerations also affect a large portion of the decision results. If system programmers do not take the different business operation execution environments into consideration in the step of system development, when the system established complete, due to system requirements change or cost considerations and need to adopt other software solutions, migrate business operation systems to different application servers or relational databases will spend extra time and effort for system modifications. This paper proposed an empirical study with an instance of A&A (Authentication & Authorization) Management System (AAMS) to actually migrate between different kinds of application servers and relational databases, and proposed several common principles of system migrations and system design rules for variety of software solutions. Moreover, it reduces the time which it needed and lowers system development expenses significantly during system migration.

DOI: 10.1109/APNOMS.2014.6996551

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