A and V

  title={A and V},
  author={Robert W. Stephenson},
  journal={British Journal of Ophthalmology},
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  • R. Stephenson
  • Published 1 November 1962
  • Medicine
  • British Journal of Ophthalmology

Refined curve counting with tropical geometry

The Severi degree is the degree of the Severi variety parametrizing plane curves of degree $d$ with ${\it\delta}$ nodes. Recently, Göttsche and Shende gave two refinements of Severi degrees,

Improved bounds for composites and rigidity of gradient fields

  • Nathan AlbinS. ContiV. Nesi
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
  • 2007
An improved lower bound for the conductivity of three-component composite materials is determined using a new quantitative rigidity estimate for gradient fields in two dimensions.

Analysis on Tweets Towards COVID-19 Pandemic: An Application of Text-Based Depression Detection

It is shown that depression level got doubled from four percent to eight percent from the beginning to the end of March 2020 and increased after nearly two years to reach 15 percent in December 2021.

On Phase Transitions near Black Holes

It has been shown that temperatures near the horizon of rotating black holes can be about the phase transition temperature in the Standard Model with the Higgs boson. The distance from the horizon

Variational Method for Solving the Quasi-Geostrophic Circulation Problem in a Two-Layer Ocean

  • V. Zalesny
  • Physics
    Izvestiya, Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics
  • 2022
A new variational formulation and a method for solving the problem of quasi-geostrophic dynamics in a two-layer periodic channel are considered. The area imitates the zone of the Antarctic

Performance of an Asymmetric on–Off Keying Modulation for Space Communications Using Single-Photon Superconducting Nanowire Detectors

Communications from deep space need to overcome two major issues: the strong attenuation due to the large distances and the limited power available at the transmitter. A class of sensors which looks

Evaluation of Medical Image Segmentation Models for Uncertain, Small or Empty Reference Annotations

This work examines publicly available metrics on the predictions of a deep learning framework in order to identify for which settings common metrics provide clinical meaningful results.

Pemodelan Indeks Pembangunan Manusia di Indonesia dengan Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR)

The Human Development Index (HDI) is an important indicator to measure success in efforts to build the quality of human life. The HDI explains how the population can access development outcomes in

Tunable Cavity-based Chiral Microwave 3D-helical Metamaterial

  • A. E. GaydukS. Golod
  • Physics
    2022 IEEE 23rd International Conference of Young Professionals in Electron Devices and Materials (EDM)
  • 2022
The paper is devoted to the study of chiral metamaterials based on three-dimensional helices. Particular attention is paid to tunable structures embedded into the Fabry-Perot resonator formed by

A review of measurement of electromagnetic emission in electronic product: Techniques and challenges

Nowadays, electronic products are being used extensively in many fields and applications. The dense population of electronic devices in human life has become a challenge for microwave engineers to