A and V

  title={A and V},
  author={Robert W. Stephenson},
  journal={British Journal of Ophthalmology},
  pages={704 - 704}
  • R. Stephenson
  • Published 1 November 1962
  • Medicine
  • British Journal of Ophthalmology
Refined curve counting with tropical geometry
The Severi degree is the degree of the Severi variety parametrizing plane curves of degree $d$ with ${\it\delta}$ nodes. Recently, Göttsche and Shende gave two refinements of Severi degrees,
Improved bounds for composites and rigidity of gradient fields
  • Nathan Albin, S. Conti, V. Nesi
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
  • 2007
An improved lower bound for the conductivity of three-component composite materials is determined using a new quantitative rigidity estimate for gradient fields in two dimensions.
A survey of support theories for Lie superalgebras and finite supergroup schemes
. We survey the current state of various support variety theories for Lie superalgebras and finite supergroup schemes. We pay particular attention to the theory in characteristic zero developed by
Fast high-fidelity gates for galvanically-coupled fluxonium qubits using strong flux modulation
Long coherence times, large anharmonicity and robust charge-noise insensitivity render fluxonium qubits an interesting alternative to transmons. Recent experiments have demonstrated record coherence
Bivalirudin exerts antiviral activity against respiratory syncytial virus-induced lung infections in neonatal mice
The study shows that RSV infection induces specific changes in lung tissue and the clotting related signalling mechanism and suggests that BR can possibly be used to reduce the viral-mediated infections in neonates.
Daytime Sleepiness among Medical Colleges' Students in Jordan: Impact on Academic Performance
Daytime sleepiness is highly prevalent among medical students in Jordan and the data of this study might be very helpful to assess the academic policy makers to develop intervention strategies that resolve the sleep disturbances in college students and reduce its impact on the academic achievements.
Remote Pumping in Point to Multi-point Networks
A remotely pumped Erbium-doped system for the amplification of an optical signal for long-reach (LR) next-generation passive optical networks (NG-PONs) is presented in this paper. The next-generation
Engaging Students in Distance Learning of Science With Remote Labs 2.0
During the COVID-19 pandemic, many students lost opportunities to explore science in labs due to school closures. Remote labs provide a possible solution to mitigate this loss. However, most remote
Cyberattack Detection in Large-Scale Smart Grids using Chebyshev Graph Convolutional Networks
This paper proposes a deep learning model for cyberattack detection in large-scale AC power grids using Chebyshev Graph Convolutional Networks (CGCN), and numerically verify that the proposed CGCN based detector surpasses the state-of-the-art model.
On random disc-polygons in a disc-polygon
These statements are the r-convex analogues of the classical results of Rényi and Sulanke about random polygons in convex polygons about random random disc-polygons.