A Zebrafish Thrombosis Model for Assessing Antithrombotic Drugs.

  title={A Zebrafish Thrombosis Model for Assessing Antithrombotic Drugs.},
  author={Xiao-yu Zhu and Hong-cui Liu and Sheng-ya Guo and Bo Xia and Ru-Shun Song and Qiao-Cong Lao and Yao-xian Xuan and Chun-qi Li},
  volume={13 4},
Thrombosis is a leading cause of death and the development of effective and safe therapeutic agents for thrombotic diseases has been proven challenging. In this study, taking advantage of the transparency of larval zebrafish, we developed a larval zebrafish thrombosis model for drug screening and efficacy assessment. Zebrafish at 2 dpf (days post fertilization) were treated with phenylhydrazine (PHZ) and a testing drug for 24 h. Tested drugs were administered into the zebrafish either by direct… CONTINUE READING


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