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A Young diagram expansion of the hexagonal Wilson loop (amplitude) in ${\cal N}=4$ SYM

  title={A Young diagram expansion of the hexagonal Wilson loop (amplitude) in \$\{\cal N\}=4\$ SYM},
  author={Davide Fioravanti and Hasmik Poghosyan and Rubik Poghossian},
We shall interpret the null hexagonal Wilson loop (or, equivalently, six gluon scattering amplitude) in 4D N = 4 Super Yang-Mills, or, precisely, an integral representation of its matrix part, via an ADHM-like instanton construction. In this way, we can apply localisation techniques to obtain combinatorial expressions in terms of Young diagrams. Then, we use our general formula to obtain explicit expressions in several explicit cases. In particular, we discuss those already available in the… Expand


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