A YAC-based physical map of the mouse genome

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@article{Nusbaum1999AYP, title={A YAC-based physical map of the mouse genome}, author={Chad Nusbaum and Donna K. Slonim and Katrina L. Harris and Bruce W. Birren and R. Grant Steen and Lincoln Stein and Joyce C. Miller and William F . Dietrich and Robert Nahf and Victoria Wang and Olga Merport and Andrew B. Castle and Zeeshan Husain and Gail Farino and Delphine Gray and Mechele O. Anderson and Richard J Devine and Lloyd T. Horton and Wenjuan Ye and Xiaoyun Wu and Vardouhie Kouyoumjian and Irina S. Zemsteva and Yi Wu and Alville J. Collymore and Dorothy F. Courtney and James W Tam and Matthew Cadman and Andrew R. Haynes and Christine Heuston and Tracy Marsland and Anne Southwell and Pamela Trickett and Mark Strivens and Mark Ross and Wojciech Makalowski and Yixun Xu and Mark S. Boguski and Nigel P. Carter and Paul Denny and Steve D. M. Brown and Thomas J. Hudson and Eric S. Lander}, journal={Nature Genetics}, year={1999}, volume={22}, pages={388-393} }