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A White Paper on SoLID (Solenoidal Large Intensity Device)

  title={A White Paper on SoLID (Solenoidal Large Intensity Device)},
  author={J. P. Chen and H. Gao and Thomas K. Hemmick and Zein-Eddine Meziani and Paul A. Souder and the SoLID Collaboration},
  journal={arXiv: Nuclear Experiment},
At the time of this writing, the highly anticipated 12 GeV upgrade of the CEBAFaccelerator is nearing completion and its rich physics program is about to commence inearnest.The 12 GeV upgrade is accompanied by new detector upgrades that include CLAS12,SHMS, and an entirely new experimental hall featuring searches for QCD exotic states(GlueX). Although the currently envisioned program includes both high rate capabilityand large acceptance devices, there does not exist a single device capable of… 

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