A Wellcome experiment in seeding drug discovery

  title={A Wellcome experiment in seeding drug discovery},
  author={Bethan Hughes},
  journal={Nature Reviews Drug Discovery},
  • Bethan Hughes
  • Published 1 March 2010
  • Education
  • Nature Reviews Drug Discovery
Take UK£91 million, plant it into 30 drug discovery projects in academic institutes and in industry, and fertilize regularly with expert advice. What do you get? Bethan Hughes investigates. 
Drug discovery in academia: the third way?
As the pharmaceutical industry continues to re-strategise and focus on low-risk, relatively short-term gains for the sake of survival, we need to re-invigorate the early stages of drug discovery and
Discovery research: the scientific challenge of finding new antibiotics.
  • D. Livermore
  • Biology
    The Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy
  • 2011
Although a raft of start-up companies are now finding new antibiotic compounds, their development through Phase III depends on financial commitments from large pharmaceutical companies, where the discouraging regulatory environment and the poor likely return on investment remain paramount issues.
Understanding and creating value from open source drug discovery for neglected tropical diseases
The authors discuss the notion of evolving openness across the pharmaceutical value chain and discuss and develop a framework for assessing the value and outcomes of open source drug discovery for NTDs, based on the available literature.
Medicinal chemistry for 2020.
The future of medicinal chemistry and the educational preparation that will be required for future medicinal chemists are considered and the five main angles to be addressed are: protein-protein interactions; peptides and peptidomimetics; molecular diversity and pharmacological space; molecular pharmacodynamics; and early-stage clinical efficacy and safety.
Collaboration versus outsourcing: the need to think outside the box.
Current outsourcing and collaboration strategies are reviewed to provide a perspective on how great knowledge sharing could help revise the drug-discovery process and, thus, move towards a more genuine collaborative process.
Evaluación de un programa de optimización del uso de antimicrobianos en un hospital universitario
La medicina moderna ha permitido grandes avances en el control de la mortalidad a traves del uso de antimicobianos, tanto en infecciones graves como en el desarrollo de procedimientos medicos y


Drugs for bad bugs: confronting the challenges of antibacterial discovery
The experience of evaluating more than 300 genes and 70 high-throughput screening campaigns over a period of 7 years is shared, and what is learned is looked at and how that has influenced GlaxoSmithKline's antibacterials strategy going forward.
Wellcome boost for open-access chemistry
  • S. Houlton
  • Chemistry
    Nature Reviews Drug Discovery
  • 2008
Philanthropic acquisition gives the academic chemogenomics community invaluable access to well-curated proprietary data.