A Well-Preserved Archaeopteryx Specimen with Theropod Features

  title={A Well-Preserved Archaeopteryx Specimen with Theropod Features},
  author={G. Mayr and B. Pohl and D. S. Peters},
  pages={1483 - 1486}
  • G. Mayr, B. Pohl, D. S. Peters
  • Published 2005
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Science
  • A nearly complete skeleton of Archaeopteryx with excellent bone preservation shows that the osteology of the urvogel is similar to that of nonavian theropod dinosaurs. The new specimen confirms the presence of a hyperextendible second toe as in dromaeosaurs and troodontids. Archaeopteryx had a plesiomorphic tetraradiate palatine bone and no fully reversed first toe. These observations provide further evidence for the theropod ancestry of birds. In addition, the presence of a hyperextendible… CONTINUE READING
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